French Classes

French for Absolute Beginners

Wednesday 10am-12pmimg0092

Learn French for everyday situations, introduce yourself, greet other, order meals and engage in basic conversations. Suitable for those with no previous experience.

French for Beginners

Wednesday 12:30pm-2:30pm

This small class offers individual attention while you begin your French language journey. A class for those with up to 6 months experience

French Beginners Plus

Tuesday 1:15pm – 3:15pm

This class will further develop your skills in reading, writing and speaking French. For those with 6 – 12 months experience.

French Intermediate

Mondays 1pm-3pm

Challenge your grammar and language skills using your previous knowledge. This is a practical course that will help you with everyday situations. Assumes 12 months previous tuition.

French Advanced

Mondays 10.45am-12.45pm

An interesting and practical course allowing you to practice your conversational skills while continuing to develop grammatical concepts. This course assumes 4 years of previous tuition.

Courses are ongoing throughout the year and you are welcome to join at any time. Please contact the Office to discuss your previous experience and confirm suitability.

See the Term Brochure for dates

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