African Drumming



Experience the rich and vibrant culture of West Africa through Guinean drum and dance! Guinean master artist Mohamed Camara teaches a range of traditional West African arrangements on djembe, dun duns, dance and song, offering students an in-depth understanding of the Guinean tradition and culture, rhythm and pulse. A great way to socialise, excercise and have fun while learning some exciting new skills! 

The course covers a wide variety of traditional rhythms from Guinea, West Africa, involving djembe accompaniments and solos, breaks, dun dun accompaniments and songs. The rhythms come from the different tribal groups in Guinea, including both 4/4 and 6/8 time, and Mohamed covers djembe technique and explains the cultural significance of each rhythm in its historical context. 

Rhythm of Life Performances - compressedBy the end of the course students will have a greater understanding of rhythm and pulse, djembe technique, the cultural context of the rhythms, and will be familiar with a broad repertoire of traditional Guinean rhythms and songs.

Thursday 7 – 8pm

Term Two Starts April 27th

See Term Brochure for dates.

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